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CsHealth is a cloud based, patient relationship management system.

Developed for the global healthcare market and available in 54 languages, CsHealth monitors and identifies at risk patients, triggers interventions for the clinical team and collates activity to provide a single view of the patient.

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Epidemic Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing for Healthcare Teams

The CsHealth Contact Tracing solution gives Public Healthcare Authorities an integrated and structured approach to managing epidemic contact tracing.

Contact Tracing is the process of identifying potentially infected people and tracing their contacts with other people and places. People identified as part of tracing can then be given medical advice and receive treatment.

Given the potential scale of this task, healthcare teams require a system to manage this process and enable the team to work effectively together.

Designed to meet World Health Organisation (WHO) best practice guidance for epidemic contact tracing, CsHealth Contact Tracing provides Public Healthcare Authorities with a system for the prioritisation, management and tracing of infectious contacts.

CsHealth Contact Tracing enables healthcare teams to:
- Capture details of infectious contact events for both people and places
- Supports the prioritisation and assessment of events which require a contact tracing intervention
- Conduct contact tracing and capture the output
- Convert the output into further infectious contact events for assessment
- Monitor the status of the person, provide advice and guidance

The solution also provides integrated omni-channel communication enabling tracing teams to communicate directly using email, phone, SMS, social messaging and Microsoft teams, with all activity captured in one place.

An integrated patient portal automates the ongoing monitoring and management of cases, dramatically increasing productivity and enabling teams to focus their efforts where they are most needed. Furthermore, integrated geo-mapping and analytics gives tracing teams the insight they need to direct and tailor their effort most effectively.

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